7304Okay, maybe not so much of a bye bye carbs, but more like bye bye to items that are high in carbs.

During my pregnancy, I packed on more than 60-lbs in weight. 60-lbs to create two beautiful human beings that are the center of my world. Two angels that my doctor and the nurses in the operating room were shocked to see because they were big for twins.

I am going to admit, I knew my body wasn’t going to shed all 60-lbs when I gave birth to them, but I was expecting to loose a large chunk of it after delivery. Well reality happened and I lost only 17-lbs. I woke up and saw a huge wrinkly pouch where my twins used to be. I’m saying this because that’s how it felt when I touched my skin and there was no movement underneath my fingertips. My twins were no longer inside my belly, instead they were right beside me swaddled in their hospital blankets. Looking back at my belly, I knew what I felt below my fingertips was fat. Fat I needed to get rid of so I wouldn’t be lugging around extra weight while I tried to keep up with my twins. So, I created a plan to help me get back into shape.7305

Step one – Just because the babies were born, doesn’t mean I could throw caution and consume everything I stayed away from during my pregnancy.
Remember, I just had two babies and my body was slowly starting to recover after being cut open to take them out. My husband was keeping an eye on me to make sure I didn’t stress myself out and over exert my body. And if he failed, his mom was right beside him to make sure I took it easy. While this was happening, I made sure I consumed food that helped me increase breast milk production (soups) that at the same time were low in fat.

Step two – Eat food that’s good for you and tastes good.
I connected with a few moms who had multiples and one of the common practices they had after they delivered their babies was to get on a diet to help them get back to their old weight. The problem for me was that everything they ate was bland. Boiled rice, steamed vegetables, and boiled protein. Yup, my taste buds weren’t exactly excited about that proposition.  I’m going to admit, I can’t commit to a diet or meal plan that is bland. I need to eat something that’s going to bring a little zing into my life and food tends to be at the top of the list.7308

Step three – change my diet and decrease my consumption of high carbs
I remember when I went to Bora Bora for my honeymoon, I was surprised to find out that I had lost 5-lbs in weight. I originally thought it was due to all of the activities we were doing on the island from swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and just walking for miles around the island.  It wasn’t until I started going through all of my photographs that I noticed a lack of rice, bread and potatoes on my plate. So it was natural for me to start exploring new recipes that lacked those three ingredients (including pasta). Before long, I started loosing weight incredibly fast.

Step four – workout
I wish I could say I lost all of the weight doing this, but I really lost the bulk of it when I started working out. I was advised by my physician to start working out four months after I had my twins (it took a month longer than standard for my body and stitches to heal). As soon I was given the green light, I went back to my favorite Pilates studio and started working out slowly. I was slowly starting to feel my abdominal muscles and I realized it would take time for me to feel and strengthen them.Zara, How to style black and white, Chic in monochrome, Style blogger, influencer in style, Loosing pregnancy weight 7302 7307Zara, How to style black and white, Chic in monochrome, Style blogger, influencer in style, Loosing pregnancy weight

It’s been over six months since I have had my twins and I haven’t lost all of the weight that I gained during my pregnancy. It took me six months of trying to loose my pregnancy weight to realize that my goals had pivoted and I wanted to focus on being healthy and active. I realize that I can get to my old weight, but right now I am a few lbs over what I used to be before I found out I was pregnant but I’m happy with it. I am eating healthy (and sometimes treat myself and indulge now and then), being active by working out and chasing after my kids. But most importantly…I can fit into my favorite jeans again (blog post coming soon)!7306

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