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I don’t know about you, but my daily schedule has changed drastically in the last few weeks. So much has happened and I feel like we are going to see more changes occurring that will limit our ‘me’ time, especially if you are parents. As parents, we have to juggle our daily job, cleaning the house, looking after the kids, scrubbing down all the surfaces over and over again, and taking over all the tasks that we would outsource or alter it because we want to take maximum measures to protect ourselves and our family.

I’m talking about that little time you had saved for yourself before for self-care.

It’s so important to take that time for yourself because you can easily get lost in this new routine where your world focuses 100% on taking care of others. This new routine makes zero time for parents who are on the go from the moment their kids wake up, in my case that’s 6:45 am! I will be honest with you, I had to get really creative on when I could take some ‘me’ time for self-care. It usually consisted of basically tiring out my twins so they would knockout during nap time just so I could hide in the bathroom and give myself a spa treatment to feel rejuvenated.

Today I wanted to share with you my bi-weekly skincare routine that has helped me revive my skin.


Start your ‘me’ time with a fresh beauty routine.

If you follow me on stories, you saw two weeks ago I treated myself to buying some new skincare products on Sephora Canada from fresh beauty. I picked up the Soy Face Exfoliator because it’s super gentle to help slough off the dead skin hanging around the surface. This ultra-gentle micro-exfoliant is perfect for all skin types to help reveal a healthy radiant glow.

I picked this cleanser because it’s designed for all skin types and uses cucumber seeds, apricot seeds, and jojoba beads to help exfoliate your skin. They also use Vitamin E to help soften your skin and soy proteins which is rich in amino acid to help reveal healthy glowing skin.

By the way, always take advantage of adding samples in your cart when you shop online with Sephora. A few months back I added the Rose Deep Hydration Toner from fresh beauty and loved the results on my skin. This time, I have the full size bottle!

This toner is amazing and smells divine! Hello Goddess in a bottle! It’s perfect for daily use because it has hyaluronic acid, and those floaty bits you see inside the bottle, they are real rose petals! After a few days of using this toner, I noticed my skin looks hydrated and feels soft as my kid’s face.

I always apply the toner right after I cleanse or exfoliate my face so to look it whatever moisture I have there and keep my face feeling soft and hydrated for the next few hours.

Another item I always put on my face and never go a day without it is some sort of lip balm on my lips. You all know my usual brand for lip balm, but since I was stocking up on some fresh supplies on Sephora, this pretty hydrating lip balm appeared and I had to add it to my cart. By the way, the Sugar Peach Hydrating Lip Balm smells mouthwateringly amazing!

Another thing I love about this lip balm, my pout has some plump!



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If you don’t have time for yourself because your schedule is so packed, set a few minutes for yourself in the morning and evening to cleanse your face.

You’ll be amazed how refreshing your face will feel when you try the Skin Oxygen Depoluting Cleanser from Biotherm. I have been using this cleanser for over two years and there is no way you will get me to switch!

This gel based cleanser is enriched with chlorella algae that melts right into your skin to help remove any impurities hovering on the surface without drying it out.

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I feel like the best part of ‘self-care’ is masking!

Seriously, the one thing I always look forward to when I get a facial is having the esthetician apply a custom mask and falling asleep while the mask dries. It is the best feeling in the world. I discovered this SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Mask from a friend because she raved about how her skin just glowed. I will warn you, this is one of my biggest splurges when it comes to beauty products but it’s worth every single penny! Unlike your typical clay mask, this one is non-drying and is made of kaolin and bentonite, a type of earth clay. Kaolin is a type of clay that’s rich in cilia to help make your skin soft and healthy by removing any impurities hovering at the surface. Bentonite is a type of clay that’s commonly used to lighten skin discoloration and scars. The mask also combines botanicals and minerals to help calm your skin without drying it out.

Another thing I miss from getting my annual facial, yes annual facial because the only time I actually go for a facial is when my esthetician contacts me to remind me or my husband books the appointment with zero refund allowed and throws me out of the house. No jokes! So getting back to what I miss from my annual facials, my lips being exfoliated. I recently started exfoliating my lips because they are super dry and chappy. This one from L’Occinate is my favorite because – well it smells amazing! Like a citrus fruit market bursting with oranges.

One product I always apply on my face and never go a day without is the Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir. I started using this product mid-last year and it’s been a staple! I apply this super gentle serum on my face after I apply a toner, or after I remove my mask, and massage it into my skin using my new Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller. I got this roller because I heard amazing things about it from my community and decided – why the heck not! Get one! Best. Purchase. Ever! This roller has helped me reduce puffiness around my cheeks and eyes and helping me boost circulation on the surface of my skin, plus I love how cool and refreshing it feels rolling the metal barrel over my face and eyes.


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