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It’s okay to change things. Your clothes. Your hair colour. Your interests.

It’s all part of the process of discovering who you are.

During the early days of this weird time we entered that requires us to self-isolate, I went on a cleaning and organization spree. I have been systematically cleaning every space in my home, sharing with you what it looked like before and after. Today, I am so excited to share with you my linen closet! I partnered with Bed Bath and Beyond to help bring a sense of order in this very chaotic space, plus they have an amazing storage and organization section that can help me make this space look wow!

Now before I show you the final results, let’s walk through the whole process because I had so many requests from you to walk through on how I organized this space. Oh, by the way here is what the linen closet looked like before.

BBBLinenCloset (1 of 1)-12

Yeeeh! I know, this was one space that clearly needed major organization because it gets cleaned out every couple of months and you couldn’t even tell. What you can tell is that every time I opened this door…things fell out almost all the time.


Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to identifying what you like and what appeals to you. Using Pinterest is also like going down a rabbit hole because before you know it, your idea board has over 100 pins with no sense and lends no clarity to how you want to decorate/organize your space.

Here’s a good way to keep organized on Pinterest. After you have your board full of ideas, go through every single pin, and identify less than a dozen pins that you like and clearly label why you like it. For me, there were three pins I fell in love with when it came to identifying how I envisioned my linen closet would look. I moved these pins into my PowerPoint deck and from there, I went on to identify what items I needed to make this vision a reality.

Linen Closet, Ideas Linen Closet

I actually have a PowerPoint deck focused on decorating all the various rooms in my home. I found having this is incredibly helpful to help me get a high-level overview of how my home overall looks like.

I fell in love with these three pins because I wanted my linen closet to look rustic yet modern at the same time. I loved the mixtures of wicker and white. I personally am a huge fan of wicker because the material is light and sturdy.

If you want to visit my actual Pinterest board, you can do so by going here.

Measure your space

Before you even start identifying what items you need to get, measure your space. In my case: measure my linen closet.

Measure how tall it is overall. The height, depth, and width of each ledge.

This is important because the worst thing that can happen is getting an item that won’t fit or you get too many items and not enough space for it.


Identify what you need

This is the fun part! After endlessly pinning a large number of photographs and slowly shortening the list to three photographs that I strongly gravitated to,  I started creating a list of items I would need.

Large size baskets – use them to store toilet paper, paper towels, guest slippers

Medium size baskets – use them to store napkins, hand & face towels

Small size baskets –  use them to store pillowcases, sample containers

Refillable pump bottles – use them to transfer all the sample bottles of shampoo/conditioner and body wash

When I looked at my idea board and drilled it down to 3 images, I found a common theme. I wanted my space to look neat, organized, and have a certain color scheme – white, brown, and beige. So I made sure all my baskets were in line with this color scheme.

Next step, find those baskets!

I found a series of baskets at Bed Bath and Beyond that were perfect in height, shape, and color! Plus I loved the way looked! See below.



Creating a board to showcase the actual items I wanted was incredibly helpful. One specific reason, it helped me get a high-level overview to see if all of the items I wanted flowed. I wanted to try and keep all the shade of beige and brown as close as possible. I also wanted to make sure that I got the right color of refillable pump bottles that would look perfect in the space.

Bed Bath and Beyond

There were five reasons I chose Bed Bath and Beyond when it came to purchasing all my baskets.

  1. I have bought a lot of items from both them and their sister store, Buy Buy Baby, when I transition the twin’s nursery into a toddler-friendly space. All of the items I got were perfect and the twins love them. Especially the table and chair!
  2. They had the baskets I was looking for!
  3. Free shipping for orders over $50 and the shipping is pretty fast.
  4. I love how they offer coupons during checkout so I don’t need to search for them. When I bought my baskets, I applied a coupon that saved me enough $$ to get two extra items! A 3-Tier Organizer and a wicker tray!
  5. They have an amazing section to help you find the perfect storage unit or baskets in my place, that’s functional and stylish. You basically can find everything you need to organize any space in your home – even your closet.

Here is a list of all the baskets I got.

Round Nesting Baskets

Decorative Wicker Baskets

Tall Tray

3 Tier Organizer

The Final Reveal

All of the above items cost me $0 for delivery and arrived less than a week. As soon as the items arrived, all on a Friday, I was super excited to break open all the boxes and organize the linen closet. Now if you follow me on Instagram, you saw the whole process. Well, about 50% of it because I wanted to leave the final reveal to be a surprise for you.

It took me around 1 hour to basically take everything out of the closet and put the baskets where I had on my plan. Took me 1 hour to put everything in its place? Haha, sadly no. It took me around 4 hours to refold all the sheets, towels, napkins, and blankets so it would fit perfectly in the space plus space it out so none of the items were crowded. The final result…scroll below!

Organize Linen Closet, Organized Live, Bed Bath Beyond

Bed Bath Beyond, How to organize linen closet, organized lifeBBB04BBB05BBB06BBB09

Oh, remember the round nesting baskets I bought for the linen closet? It actually comes as a set of three baskets. I’ll be using the remaining baskets in the twin’s room to store their toys because they have a solid metal frame that is incredibly difficult to bend (huge win because I’m tired of having large baskets that warp).


I want to thank Bed Bath and Beyond for partnering with me and helping me organize my linen closet. It’s so wonderful to finally have a clutter-free space for all my towels, sheets, and toiletries. I love how everything I got from Bed Bath and Beyond helped me realize the full potential from my space – like how much room I actually have!



    • Grey Canvas
      August 29, 2020 / 4:31 pm

      Hi Jennifer,
      Me too! It turned out better than I expected. Next stop, the pantry lol

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