Engineer, Writer, Photographer, Digital Content Creator, Creative Director

My name is Safinaaz and I’m a Toronto transplant with a background in tech and a huge love for creativity. In my previous life, I was an engineer working at Microsoft and a tech-startup. Now I live the dream where I can interact with my clients directly and create beautiful stunning and meaningful content on my life, my passion, and experiences.

I’m so grateful that this platform has given me a voice and a way to connect with people from different parts of the world in the areas of fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty. I have continued to try and build a platform that shares my life in its raw form. Plus as a mom of twins, this site has given me all the more reason to help fellow moms recognize that there are still women and shouldn’t neglect that.

I am very fortunate to have worked with some amazing clients, including Nordstrom, Coach, EBATES, Google, Lacoste, Aveda, American Express, Fossil, Estee Lauder, and Aveeno. I’m also proud to have worked with philanthropic causes that are close to my heart.

I hope you view my platform as an inspiration to lead a positive life and a life well lived as I continue to share all things in fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty,, and motherhood. My goal is to help you realize that out of all the hats you wear in the day, we share one hat together.

Want to work together? Feel free to drop me an email at hello@greycanvas.ca and let’s connect!


Coffee Addict

Tech Junkie – I spend hours learning about the latest technology

I am an engineer and used to work for Microsoft – my last project was the Skype M&A deal

I’m a workaholic and restless by nature

Dogs > Cats, Always! I used to have five dogs when I was a kid.

Cooking and tickling my twins is my therapy

I travel frequently and do extensive research before I plan my trips.

I’m OCD. Even my bucket list is categorized and organized (restaurants, destinations, and activities).

My favorite vacation is a tie between Paris and Bora Bora

BenFinalSizeNeoGC Ben

Hi Everyone! I’m Ben and I handle the photography and the business side of things at The Grey Canvas. More to come about me soon…

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