This year, I’m very proud to say I made the absolute most of a season that was hardly here – I’m talking about summer.

Between finding cool spots to meet with friends for brunch and decorating my deck to let’s not forget – pretty much dying in the extreme heatwave I encountered in New Jersey, I’m welcoming the change in temperature and season. As we all Canadians know well, old man winter always comes back to town. Like a version Santa Claus that no one is happy to see. 

The transition from summer to fall is not always sunshine and rainbows. Well, maybe the rainbow part after we experience an extreme downpour that causes me to huddle near my window and watch my city get drenched in water. I feel as it’s been summer for too short that I forgot what the coming of fall meant. Dry air and dry skin. Lately, my skin is so dry that I can see the fine cracks on my arm. I don’t know about you, but I find that it takes so long to get used to certain weather and then it switches. The reality is when I have days like this and it’s too muggy to go out – it’s the perfect time to head to the bathroom and give my skin some love. The air may be dry and cold, but my bathwater isn’t!

Yves Rocher, Sensitive Skin Bath

I don’t know about you, but when the weather switches over from double digits to single, I tend to spend a great deal of time in the shower. As the water makes it way down from my hair to my tippy toes, I feel the cold weather slowly leaves my body and I almost feel like the warm water is cocooning me. Spending a good amount of time under the warm water can wreak havoc on your skin, especially when the shower gel is harsh and not nourishing. So I switched for something gentle and safe which I can use every day!

I have sensitive skin and during the colder months, it gets even worse. You could say during these months, I’m an official member of the sensitive squad. I need something to soothe it from feeling tight and irritated. It’s why I switched my regular shower gel to this gentle shower gel that is enriched with organic Witch Hazel to help balance my skin and protect it long after I have left the shower.

After my introduction to all things botanical thanks to my partnership with Yves Rocher, you could say I have fully embraced using products that are gentle for the whole family.


Now I’m a huge fan of bubbles, heck the more bubbles and suds the better! But let me be clear… I’m not talking about Bubbles from Power Puff Girls. Usually covering myself in soapy suds means my skin will feel super tight, dry, and irritated because there is always some minute reside hovering around the surface. Well, that was my old shower gel. This new Gentle Shower Gel from Yves Rocher makes my skin supple and soft. Heck, I’m convinced it’s almost as soft as my baby’s skin. This is probably because the shower gel is sulfate-free and is designed to nourish my skin. 

Oh and I have a little confession, Zayn loves this shower gel also. Actually, he has claimed it as ‘his’.

Right after taking a warm shower, to prolong the protection, I slather some soothing body lotion that’s also enriched with Witch Hazel.


The lotion is super gentle, and designed specifically for sensitive skin, and guess what – it’s suitable for even my little Zayn. In fact, the little guy insists on it being applied to his skin twice a day – the first time in the morning before school, and the second time right after his shower.

There is one member of the sensitive squad I didn’t mention – it’s the low shower gel. I’m saving this for November/December because during that time – my skin gets extremely sensitive and tight. Like itchy tight! The reason I’m saving it for then is that this one is designed for really sensitive skin. This is a non-foaming shower cream that helps melt away all the dirt and grim hovering at the surface of your skin while soothing it at the same time because it contains botanical oils. And because my son is part of the sensitive squad, he will be using this too around the same time.YvesRocherFallTGC

If you have sensitive skin and you are looking for a way to protect it, I highly recommend you to try their essential care for the most sensitive skin.


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