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When I dine at a restaurant, I don’t spend enough time looking up and admiring the decor. Sad isn’t it? The owner spends a great deal of time working along side with decorators to help create an environment that’s inviting with the perfect layout that entices their diners to stay and forget about walking out of their doors. In the King West area, you can find some pretty amazing restaurants that have great decor along side some pretty tasty food. Today I want to share with you a restaurant that you will see favorited by Toronto Instagrammers, Lavelle.

I have been to Lavelle numerous times for media previews and sampled a few items from their menu. I don’t remember exactly what I had back then, but I do remember trying everything their waiters offered and saying ‘yes’ immediately when they asked if I wanted seconds, thirds and…fourths (yes the food was that good). Last week I had the pleasure to dine at Lavelle and try some items I have been dying to taste!Lavelle, Avocado Toast

Take, for example, their avocado toast! I have a huge weakness for avocado toast, the more avocado the better! And for someone who was not allowed to have poached eggs during their pregnancy, the poached egg that accompanied my avocado toast was done to perfection! I came to Lavelle with Chloe and Winnie because all three of us heard about the avocado toast, so no surprise we were all vying for the avocado toast. Who ended up ordering it? Who cares! We all made sure that we got to try it.  Next up was croque madame.lavelle, croque madame

Lavelle takes your average croque madame and turns it up a notch. The traditional croque madame is a ham sandwich drizzled with bechamel sauce, topped with sunny side egg. Instead of bechamel sauce, their croque madame is served with melted gruyere cheese that perfectly complements the toasted sourdough bread.

As you know from my previous food posts, I am a sucker for oysters. I have a weakness for it when they are small, thin and taste sweet. They serve malpaque oysters which are local to east coasters and their sizes were perfect and taste was just right. I skipped the lemon and horseradish and went straight for the suckers.

Lavelle 4506

Another item that tasted amazing on the menu and had the best presentation I have ever seen was their Tuna Tartare. The sesame cracker you see on the tuna tartare was perfect to help balance the pickled and citrus flavors.

Wait, didn’t I mention something about restaurant decor at the beginning? Both Peter Freed and Reza Abedi knew what they were doing when they wanted to create a swanky place where patrons can come to satisfy their cravings from the elegant dinning area, to the cabana where they can lounge around the 155-foot pool (one of the longest rooftop pools in North America). In the summer time you can find guests taking a dip in the pool while sipping on drinks during the day time or you could come later and dine to a set pumped out by a live DJ.

The decor inside is light and airy and every part of the restaurant is instagram heaven from their light beige tables to their marble ones which make the perfect backdrop for foodies. There is also the faux cherry wood trees they have nestled around the booths to bring a touch of spring to the room so even when it’s snowing like mad outside (which it was for us), it feels like spring inside so you forget how dreary the weather was before you stepped into Lavelle .Lavelle4508

We had such a great time at Lavelle, that we can’t wait to go back and try their brunch menu!

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, however the meal was complimentary. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.



  1. April 13, 2017 / 1:41 am

    OMG the place and the food looks amazing – love their interior ♥
    So seems like I need to go to Toronto asap 😀

    xxx and kisses from Berlin,

  2. Laura Alagöz
    April 21, 2017 / 12:12 pm

    This looks like a lovely place! The food looks so yummy x

    Pink Frenzy

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