Structube_Dinnerware_Table_Accessories3If you there is one thing my friends and family know about me, it’s that I love food. Ever since I moved from Vancouver to Seattle, I would host a party every month where we would teach one another how to cook and end the night with board games. Fast forward a few years later and moving to the east, nothing has changed except I’ve stepped up my dinnerware and tabletop accessories.Structube_Dinnerware_Table_Accessories

You could say I’ve left behind the days where my guests would have mis-matched loud printed plates and glasses for something far more elegant and cohesive that do match for a change. I partnered up with Structube to showcase some of their new dinneware and table accessories.

Structube , the store that helped me take my first step at adulting without breaking the bank. Before I heard of Structube, my husband would always complain that when it came to furniture I had champagne taste. When you are trying to decorate your home and you have a limited budget because the mortgage eats up most of your paycheck, it’s hard to find furniture that’s stylish and affordable at the same time. Then I came across Structube where I could decorate my whole house within budget, but my only problem is what to pick, because everything they have looks amazing. Structube_Dinnerware_Table_Accessories5

Today I’m having a few special friends come over for our monthly dinner party, since the weather is amazing we decided to take it outside to enjoy some amazing food paired with good conversation.Structube_Dinnerware_Table_Accessories4

One thing I don’t have to worry about is how my dinnerware and table accessories look. Having the right set of dinnerware is important, it helps set the tone for every meal and helps frame your food perfectly. My meals tend to be very simple where the focus is all on the color and flavor. I chose to go with an elegant set that had subtle herringbone pattern to spice up my casual dinners. By going for a warm tone patterned dinner set, it gave me room to add a little sparkle for my drink ware and flatware.Structube_Dinnerware_Table_Accessories2I chose to go for this stylish gold flatware set to help me add a touch of glam to my meal, plus I love the artisan flair on the handles. To continue the sparkle, I selected these luxuriously designed drinkware with a touch of gold on it.

IGALO Dinnerware Set
BERCY Gold Flatware
SHINE Tumblers
SHIMMER Cocktail Glasses




  1. Gabrielle
    June 30, 2018 / 2:36 pm

    Oh, you and I are clearly of the same mindset haha. I absolutely adore flamboyant and glamorous dinner settings as well – totally smitten with your gorgeous gold cutlery set babe!

    aglassofice.com x

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