lacoste suite, rogers cupWhen I was a child, my parents made sure I got involved in any sports that came across my fancy. I started out with swimming, shortly followed by skateboarding and rollerblading, but racket sports is one that I stayed with for a great period of time. The first racket sport I was introduced to was badminton. I loved the game but it didn’t get my heart pumping like the way tennis did. There was a great deal of strategy involved in the game as I would make my opponent run back and forth, intentionally tiring them out from returning the ball. I always got this tingling feeling every time my Slazenger racket would hit the bright neon fuzzy ball. I would spend endless late nights at the neighborhood courts and play until the care-takers would tell me to leave because they had to lock up the gates.  They even knew my name (and my mother who would park right by the courts to keep an eye on me).lacoste suite, rogers cup
Last year I saw Rogers Cup in one of the seats a few meters from the players. This year, I got to experience the suite life thanks to Lacoste and BICOM. I arrived at the Aviva Center and headed straight for the Lacoste Suite. When I opened the door, I was instantly greeted with a room that screamed Instagram heaven. They had the most comfortable couch with the cutest pillows, and dispersed through the room they had the most adorable Lacoste props. Needless to say, I made my way to buffet table to collect props… of course 😉lacoste suite, rogers cup

After I took an endless number of pictures until I finally ran out with my plate to catch Novak Djokovic and Giles Muller thrash it out on the court. This was my first time watching Djokovic play and I have to say it was better than I imagined it would be. To watch the world’s number male tennis player was pure poetry for me. The way he served and leaped to return the serve was almost like watching ballet (only a tennis fan would understand).national bank of canada, rogers cup, djokovic, semi-final match rogers cuplacoste suite, rogers cuplacoste suite, rogers cupWhen I was a kid, I had this light blue Lacoste shirt that I got for Christmas. It was a shirt I had wanted for the longest time because I felt wearing it made me feel like I was tennis pro. It was a special shirt for me because I only wore it when I was competing and was extremely cautious about getting it dirty. To date, I hold the same value when it comes to the handful items I have in my closet from Lacoste. Each one takes me back when I was a teenager wearing that light blue Lacoste pique weave polo shirt analyzing my opponent and figuring out how to defeat them and win the game.

I want to say a huge thank you to both Lacoste and BICOM for this amazing experience.



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