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It seems like over the last few weeks I tended to spend a great deal of time either behind my computer or out and about running from one event to another. In between working on my projects during the day, attending previews and going to restaurant launch parties, I hardly have the time to take a time out and regroup. In fact, before the day is over I feel drained and need a cup or two to help me make it to the end.

The only time I didn’t feel drained before the end of day was when I would visit my folks in the west-coast and my mother would get me to join her for yoga. I remember the first time I tried yoga, I was highly aware of my breathing pattern and how each breath helped me gain some inner peace and tranquility. I was also aware of how bad my posture was (seriously!). I didn’t know I walked around with a slight curve in my posture and that my poor posture was the cause of my chronic back pain (I always blamed it on my mattress). It was after my first yoga class that I became aware of the strain I put on my spine that lead to my backaches and headaches.

lole, lole white tourlole

When I moved to the east coast, I continued doing yoga every now and then, mostly to help me relax and get some sense of focus. I still find it is the only way I can release all the built up tension around my neck and shoulders plus feel connected to my body and mind.gc04

As a plus, I slowly became aware that I started to gain some flexibility…like being able to touch my toes with minimal strain. I mean how many of us struggle with that? I know I did before I started doing yoga, so much so that I almost gave up. It was after after my first month that I noticed I could place my fingers around the arch of my feet with zero effort.lolegroupshotAbove image provided by Rather Luvly
Amara, Joelle, Gabriella

This coming Thursday, July 28th, Lolë is hosting their Lolë White Tour yoga event in Toronto at Exhibition Place. The Lolë White Tour is an event where everyone gets together dressed in white and are guided through various poses during sunset. It’s a time to celebrate and embrace your inner peace. I will be attending the event with a few friends and you should too! Grab your ticket before the sell out.

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