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You guys, the holidays are my favorite time of the year. The house gets filled with excitement and Michael Buble’s Christmas songs can be heard throughout the house while I decorate the home. Even my husband gets into the festive mood when he helps me put our tree together and we get the kids involved in decorating it (more like the just point where the ornament should go).

The holidays are also the one time my husband and I extra spoil our babies rotten (well other than their birthday which is exactly a month after Christmas). It’s a treat to see their eyes light up when they unwrap their gifts, though sometimes I question if the initial excitement is because of the gifts and not the shiny wrapping paper. After they have gotten bored of the wrapping paper, their attention is 100% focused on the new toys. But you are here to get some gift ideas for your little ones so let’s get down to it.

Shopping for my twins is easy. I have one who loves anything cute and cuddly so getting a toy that involves a lot of hugs is a win for her. The other one loves to build/knock things down or anything that has to do with cars. Together they love anything electronic or their ball pit (which was a bit steep in price but it was worth every penny to see them spend a great deal of time playing with each other in it).

Here are a few items that I have on the twins Christmas List (some I already have and some I’m hunting down to get before the big day).

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  1. My First Bunny
  2. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament
  3. VTech DigiArt Creative Easel
  4. Bathing Suit
  5. Bowtie Bows
  6. Bunny Doll
  7. Blanket
  8. Baby’s Soft Book
  9. Christmas Fairy
  10. Holiday One-Piece
  11. Food Truck
  12. Farmhouse Doll House

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