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Atlantis! I remember vividly the first time we stayed on their property when we were in Dubai, and we look back at the memories we made there with fondness. The waterpark was huge, and the staff was incredibly helpful in ensuring our stay was comfortable.

That’s why when we planned on going to The Bahamas, we had to make sure we stayed on the very first Atlantis property built with an even more enormous waterpark than the one in Dubai for our first beach family trip. In short, we had a fantastic time because Atlantis is more than just a waterpark. It’s an experience!



What I love about Atlantis in The Bahamas is that they offer a wide variety of rooms/locations directly on their property for whatever budget you have.

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Harborside Resort

The Harborside Resort offers one, two, and three-bedroom villas located by the Marina. In this great place, you can sit on your balcony and watch all the luxury yachts dock and have direct access to wide variety of restaurants and eateries. The Marina is a great place to be at night because the place comes alive with bands performing when the sun goes down to impromptu dancing happening by the ice cream shop. It’s also a great place to pick up some cute souvenirs for friends and family without leaving the property.

The Coral

The Coral went under some massive renovation boasting stunning views for their guests of either the Marina or the Ocean. Everything is within walking distance if you stay at The Coral, and the beauty is you are in the heart of everything on the property.

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The Reef

The Reef is a great property to take your family to if you crave peace and don’t mind staying by the waterpark. Their rooms are large, and they offer a great view of either the beach or the waterpark. We stayed at The Reef because we were traveling with my in-laws, and they allowed us to book two rooms, side by side, so we could have a main door as our entrance so it feels like we booked a suite instead of two rooms. I personally loved The Reef because each room came with a mini kitchenette, and all the guests have access to a private pool. The kids loved The Reef because it was right by Paraside Beach, a perfect place to just relax if you are tired of the waterpark.

If you are traveling with a large family, I highly recommend you do this, as it’s such a great way to decompress together after a fun day. Plus it makes bedtime so much more fun because you can have them in the adjoining room while you shower, or pack up.

The Royal

The Royal towers are the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind when they think of Atlantis. It’s centrally located and boasts two large towers that’s connected with a bridge, a bridge that contains three of their most luxurious suites – the Presediential Suite, the Royal Suite, and The Bridge Suite.

The Cove

If you are looking for a luxurious stay that comes with hands on white glove treatment on Atlantis, The Cove is it. The first time we went to Atlantis on Paradise Island, Bahamas, we stayed at The Cove and loved it. The property is right by the waterpark, close to Dolphin Cove, and is super quiet, as it’s only available to adults. You have direct access to a private pool that’s exclusive to The Cove guests, you are right by the beach, and if you are a foodie – Fish by Jose Andreas is a restaurant you have to try and lucky for you, it’s located in The Cove.


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snap at Dolphin Quay

A trip to Atlantis is not complete without visiting the waterpark, Paradise Beach, Dolphin Cay, their golf course that comes with an insanely gorgeous view, exploring the dig & ruins lagoon to see over 20,000 marine life, and stroll around the marina. Okay, they offer a lot.

Our favorite is the waterpark because they offer a wide variety of things you can do alone, with your friends, or with your family. It is over 140 acres big, containing 20 swimming pools and has 14 unique pools.

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My favorites would have to be the Mayan Temple Water Slides. The Serpent Slide is the best! You will go through a tube that will take you to a pipe where you float by and look at sharks. I know, it’s cool.

If you are tired or want to chill under the sun and work on your tan, the river rides are perfect. You can float on a massive donut and be lulled with the slow rapid that will take you around the whole waterpark. I call it my lazy way to get around the waterpark without using my legs.

The Marina is also a great place to visit. It offers a wide variety of restaurants, ice cream parlors, gift shops, and a picnic benches where you can sit and admire the massive yachts that parked there. If you have never seen a dolphin up close and want to touch one, Dolphin Cay is a huge must. We took the twins there and they had the best time ever!


When it comes to dinning, the park offers a wide variety of pop-up shops you can stop by for a quick bit or lunch. In fact, all the pool bar & grill offer a great variety of snacks and meals that tasted amazing. Our favorite would have to be located near the Mayan Temple or by the private pool at The Reef because that is the only spot you can get fresh coconut and mangoes.

Best Eatery

Fish by Jose Andres 
The last time we visited Atlantis, this was one restaurant I wish we had dined at. I heard great things about it so this time I came prepared. We got reservations and the food was terrific. We enjoyed everything, and I highly recommend you make sure to dine there at least once!

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Oh, and make sure you dine in the main room. They have this giant paper mache fish floating from the ceiling that’s just gorgeous!

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If you love sushi, then you have to make sure to stop by Nobu. It’s not the same as the one in Malibu or Las Vegas, but it’s still good. Skip the omakase here; go directly to the menu.

Frankie Gone Bananas
If you want to dine on a budget (tourist trap budget) with a great view of the Marina, Frankie is a great place to grab lunch or dinner.  The restaurant offers a nice atmosphere, a live band, a great selection of local specials like conch. We had the lobster and veggie burger and it was good.
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Cafe Matisse
This place is literally a hole in a wall, a gem of a find. I found this place from some foodies I ran into (their goal is to dine at every Micheline restaurant in the world – I know, I want to join their group!).

Other places we tried are Olive.

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Visit the local Straw Market

Bahamanians are known to make beautiful bags, hats, mats, and decorative items. All this can be found at the local straw market where you can get the perfect souvenir for yourself or gifts for friends at really good price points. Best part, you are supporting the locals.





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