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Hi Luvs,

I have a confession to make. I usually plan my gifts for all my loved ones weeks in advance. I spend time figuring out what they need and have been eyeing lately.  This is usually followed by scouring the web to find that perfect gift for them at the best possible price.

Fast forward to 2017 and becoming a mom for the first time, I am literally sitting on the couch watching my wee one’s finally sleep while I’m going through various apps on my phone searching for last minute gift ideas. If you are anything like me, flowers is just not enough for my mom’s. I already give them a bouquet now and then so I have to get them something personal, something that says I love you at the same time when they see the item, they will think of me fondly.

The first app I always launch when it comes to finding personalized and custom gift ideas is Etsy. Most you already know that I have a very soft spot for Etsy. All the vendors are folks who run a small business in the comfort of their home, creating customized and personal items. Basically, they are savvy entrepreneurs marketing their talent.

For my wedding, I went to Etsy to create the perfect guestbook by using wishing stones instead of a physical book. Unlike your typical wedding guestbook that’s tucked away on a shelf and forgotten, my wishing stones can be found on an ornate silver dish on my kitchen island. Whenever I am in the kitchen waiting for my dish to cook in the oven, or when I have guests over for dinner, a stone is picked up and read. I have even had guests look for their stone. That’s not all, I got many more items from Etsy but we can talk about it another time. Today’s post is focusing on mother’s day and I wanted to share with you a few items I found perfect for my mom’s…

5601If your mom loves to host parties, this is the perfect gift for her. Mine hosts parties at least one every second month. She will invite +20 people over and serve a wide variety of options to cater to everyone’s dietary restriction. Talk about the ultimate hostess.

The cutting board is perfect to use daily but I know this will be perfect for serving a wide variety of cheeses and appetizers. I can see my mom even using this as a charcuterie board.













If your mom doesn’t live in the same city as you (kind of like my mom) and you spend countless hours talking on Skype or FaceTime, this is the perfect gift for her.

I can’t tell you how many times we have chatted over Skype and FaceTime and we complain about our hands hurting from holding our iPad or iPhone up for a long period of time. She sometimes uses pillows to prop up her iPad, which results to the mic being partially covered.

I know with this gift, she can prop her device on it and set it on her couch or coffee table, and we can chat for hours instead of minutes. Best off all, when she is not using it for our FaceTime sessions…it can be easily used as a book stand.

If you mom is partial to jewelry, Etsy has a large selection of beautiful pieces that are perfect for moms. My favorite is this gorgeous ring, and this beautiful necklace.

My mom’s love to travel. In fact one of the criteria’s I had when I married my hubs was that we would travel once a year together as a family. His folks, my folks and us all together like one big happy family. Ever since our first trip to Punta Cana, we plan our next summer/winter trip (depending on the destination and when they can get time off from work) in mid Spring. One thing I noticed in all my trips is that both of my mom’s would always get sun burned. This hat would be perfect to help them look stylish when we are on vacation PLUS it will protect their face from being scorched by the sun.

I hope you found this post helpful and I would love to know what you got for your mom for Mother’s Day.

As for me, as this is my first Mother’s Day, I am very grateful for having two angels in my life that all I could want is their smiles and loads of cuddles and kisses.


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