Wow, can you believe it took me three years for me to take a little timeout to pamper myself. Three years!


As women, we juggle an insane amount of responsibilities. We have our 9-5 jobs, then go home and run a different kind of job that doesn’t end until we rest our head on a pillow. For the stay at home mom, her life is basically 24/7 taking care of the members in her family. The one role they can neglect in their day to day life is self-care. Taking a little time out pampering themselves.


I’m sure we all know someone in our life that is guilty of not taking care of themselves. Guilty of overworking, over committing, and overextending themselves to take care of everyone around them and constantly forgetting oneself. Remember when I said it took me three years to finally get a time out and pamper myself? Well, I forgot to mention one thing, one very important thing. I didn’t make the time for myself, I had my husband do that for me. He booked an appointment for me to get a facial and massage and basically threw me out of the house so I would finally get pampered.


No Jokes!

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Now I’m not saying you should resort to the same drastic measure as my husband, but I am here to share with you a way you can do something similar. Well something similar with zero probability of throwing someone you care about out of the house to force them to take care of themselves. I’m talking about WaySpa, a premier online spa marketplace.


It makes no difference where your loved one lives in Canada and what you’d like to treat them with; a relaxing massage, mani-pedi, aromatherapy, facial, or try out a new hairstyle. You can get a gift card or a certificate to help someone you care to indulge at a spa or salon. It’s the perfect answer to encourage anyone to spend some quality time to decompress because just writing this makes me realize that this is perfect for both of my moms. These two women in my life have never take an off day as long as I can remember. So WaySpa is perfect for both of these women in my life – one who lives in the same town as me and the other who lives in the west-coast. Both of these moms can expect a gift card from me so they can visit a WaySpa‘s partner of their choice – be it an: urban hotel spa, ultra-luxurious day spa, salon spa, wellness spa, yoga studio or more.


Looking for the perfect gift for mom or your bestie? Want it to have a personal touch yet at the same time encourages your mom or bestie, who works tirelessly with zero requests for breaks, to actually take a break? WaySpa is one gift that she will absolutely love and encourage her to take a little time out by putting herself first.

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