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6800I love summer as much as anyone else, but I what I love more than summer is having my friends over for a BBQ party. With Canada Day around the corner, I will be hosting my very first Canada Day BBQ with some of my close friends and family. Plus, I plan on hosting two more BBQ parties this summer – one with an amazing set of ladies who all became mom’s between December 2016-April 2017, and the second for a friend who will be coming over for a visit from Congo.

To my friend who I know reads my blog, yes you…when you come to town in August, we are going to have a BBQ party for you and your hubs. And all our friends are invited.

But back to our topic…hosting a BBQ party for Canada Day. All of my Facebook friends can attest to this – I love hosting parties. Especially the food portion and I go overboard! We are talking full on trying to recreate everything I pinned on my Pinterest board.

Now I won’t give you the full details of what I will be making for my Canada Day BBQ because I want it to be a surprise for my guests. But I will share with you the key factors I will rely on to ensure I host a successful BBQ party.

Plan ahead
I usually plan 2-3 weeks in advance who I am going to invite, list out their dietary restriction and plan what I will serve. This gives me enough time to figure out what I need and when I need to order them.

Pinterest is your friend
After I have my guest list established and know their dietary restriction, I’m off to pinning what I will be serving my guests.

As an Amazon Prime member, I tend to do majority of my shopping online. Seriously, getting what I want online has become incredibly easy. Best part, I can get the items I need the very next day!

What’s in my shopping cart for my Canada Day BBQ?

Bodum Espresso Cups – Did you know you can use these cups for sauces and dips? I friend of mine recently had a baby shower and they used these cups for dipping sauces. Brilliant idea right? I am ordering 4 of these.

Mojito Set – Now I don’t drink but my guests know I make a mean virgin mojito (I also make an amazing Shirley Temple). For my Canada Day BBQ, I will be serving my guests strawberry and raspberry mojito and this mojito set is perfect to help me make sure I get the measurements and mix a few drinks at a time (instead of doing it in advance risking it going flat).

Napkins – Since it’s a Canada Day BBQ, I have to get the perfect set of napkins to go with the theme and these are perfect!!

Straws – What’s perfect to go with the Red Canada Day napkins than these cute candy striped straws, right! And the price point of under $4, it’s too perfect not to add it into my shopping cart!

Blankets – I’m sure you recently noticed I purchased a round blanket for a picnic I had with my twins. Well we love the blankets so much that I will be purchasing two more so our guests can sit down and indulge on the menu…plus if I can find a projector and screen at a really good price, it’ll be the perfect setup to play a movie in the backyard.

Charcuterie Board – While I will be BBQing a variety of items, my guests will indulge on everything I serve on this beautiful charcuterie board. Plus, cross fingers I get all my favorite cheeses the night before the BBQ party.

Pots for Smores – I saw this cute little DIY for making s’more pots. All you needs is a few of these terracotta pots, foil and a piece of charcoal and ta-da! I will be picking up a few of these so my guests don’t have to fight there way to make their s’mores PLUS it’s the best alternative than buying a a huge firepit.

Popsicle molds – So I have a few Popsicle molds I got from a past project but…after repeated wash in the dishwasher, the plastic material kind of went sideways. This time I am purchasing these ones that came highly recommended, plus with the twins in the picture…I know I will be making loads of Popsicles of various fruit juices and these ones won’t get warped in the dishwasher. Oh, did I mention that I can finally have popsicles that will look like the ones I see on Pinterest….you know the ones that get re-pinned a bazillion times.

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