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I’m currently sitting on a sofa, wearing a bathrobe, watching my backyard get dusted with snow and writing this post. Secretly, I’m wishing I was on another page on my browser window planning my next trip. You see, less than a week ago my husband took me to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as a birthday gift. We swapped minus temperatures for positive temperatures. We swapped snow for sand. We also swapped heavy packing for light because where we were going, we didn’t need sweaters, parkas, or even toques to keep us warm.

Just reading this paragraph makes me realize that we went to UAE during their winter time and also a peak time when tourists flock to this middle east jewel. It’s also a time where flights, hotels, and rental car companies tend to be costly. You see in the winter time, their temperatures reach a high of 25 degrees, but their summers reach a high of 47 degrees. One summer I went to Dubai and spent every two minutes running into a building with AC just so I wouldn’t melt.

Thanks to Ebates.ca, my husband and I maximized our Cash Back opportunity using their platform to travel to UAE in winter, and are currently expecting $479.65 in Cash Back! Today I wanted to share with you some tips on how I travel so you too can get Cash Back doing things you love!

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Tip 1: You can get cashback on your flights! No Jokes!

Being a frequent traveler, we have learned a series of techniques to help maximize our Cash Back AND save costs anywhere we can, especially when we reserve business seats on any transatlantic or transpacific flights. With Ebates.ca we got over $150 in Cash Back for our Business Class tickets from my local city to Dubai. That’s $150 I can use to pay for some activity in the city…or splurge in dining at one of the amazing restaurants in Dubai.

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Tip 2: Book your hotel through the various featured links supported by EBates. 

Finding the perfect accommodations can be very tricky and costly. Some cities offer hotels with breakfast included, some don’t. Some hotels are located within walking distance to high traffic tourist landmarks, some are so far out that you have to factor in transportation to the city. For our trip, we stayed at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, Emirates Palace, Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa and Atlantis The Palm. All the properties we stayed at were 5 stars, except for Qasr Al Sarab which has 7 stars. All the properties had exactly what we needed to make our stay perfect and stress-free, like breakfast included, a large pool with minimal traffic, and offer a wide variety of restaurants we can dine at.

For our accommodations, we mixed things up depending on the quotes the featured links provided plus how much Cash Back you would get from them. Some links provided far more competitive pricing than others, but all of them came with $$ (I call in my personal win-win).

Qasr Al Sarab, Desert Resort, Desert Resort Dubai, Desert Resort Abu Dhabi, Anantara

Tip 3: Make sure you subscribe to their Promotional Emails

I know most people don’t like to have their inbox flooded with subscription emails but this is one I make an exception for because it’s incredibly useful for me on a day-to-day basis. I already shop a great deal online when it comes to buying anything I need for myself, my family or our home. You betcha I open my Ebates.ca emails to see where and when I can score the most Cash Back for my regular shopping but when it comes to my travel, I specifically wait on the days I get double Cash Back to book my tickets! So when we booked two of our hotels through Expedia.ca, we got double the Cash Back. The remaining two hotels were via Hotels.ca.

Tip 4: Get Cashback on doing everything you love

Now that you know how I have been scoring major Cash Back for all my trips in the last decade, why not use Ebates.ca  when you shop online?

For me, shopping is a necessity, like when I need to get more paper towels or I have to replenish my skincare products. I personally am not a fan of driving to the nearest mall to get what I need. The whole process is time-consuming and time is the most valuable currency to me. So, to save time from making the 2-hour journey to the mall in making my purchases (that gives me zero rewards) I can sit at my desk in my pajama’s and get what I need plus score cashback!


Well, I head on over to Ebates.ca and look for the merchant I need to get my necessities. Once I find it, e.g Amazon Canada, I click on the big red button that automatically takes me to the Amazon store. Once I’m there, I purchase what I need – paper towels and maybe a pair of sneakers since my current ones look pretty bad. I go through the process of adding items to my cart and checking out like normal but all in the same window. A few weeks later, voila – I get cashback dollars in either a cheque or automagically deposited in my PayPal account.

Oh, did I forget to mention the money I also saved in gas because I didn’t need to drive my car to get my necessities? Double score!

Tip 5: To get EBates Cashback…you need a cashback account

If you are wondering how to get Ebates.ca Cash Back, it’s simple – you need an Ebates.ca account. It’s simple, easy and free! Plus if you use my link, you are in for a real treat because Ebates.ca will give you a Cash Back bonus of $5 after you make your first purchase (of $25 or more) using their platform. So, the question is why are you not using Ebates.ca to get $$ from all your favorite stores and travel?

–>Get your EBates Account right here <–

This post was sponsored by EBATES Canada as I have been an EBATES Canada customer (and frequent user) for well over a decade. All opinions here are from my own experience of using EBATES Canada from all our trips. All hotels used in this post were not compensated or sponsored.


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      March 28, 2019 / 12:56 pm

      Thank you so much, Jennifer! Me too!! So wonderful for a service that’s created for rewarding people doing what they love!

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