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6901In Toronto, we have two seasons – winter and construction. But for foodies like myself, my two seasons consists of dinning indoor or on the patio. My favorite of course is patio season, so when the hubs took a week off for vacation we took full advantage of one restaurant I have been longing to visit since I delivered my twins. Even better, we made our reservation on the first day they opened up their patio.

When it comes to dinning on patios, the one at Kasa Moto is actually amazing and one you really need to visit. I was surprised with the setup and how large the space is. It’s located in the heart of Yorkville and right beside the cutest shops in the area. The patio looks like an oasis, a hidden gem, cocooned in all the lush greenery protecting it’s occupants from all the hustle and bustle of the city.


If you go everywhere with your camera, like I do, make sure you arrive early so you can pick the perfect table to take all the photos you need of your food. The folks at Kasa Moto are super nice to instagramers and finding that right table that has the perfect amount of light (or scout for the infamous white marble table).

As many of you know, my husband and I don’t drink, so we asked the staff to make us two mocktails. We didn’t ask for anything that was on the menu, instead we did our usual – ask the bartender to make us something sweet, different and surprise us. And surprise us he did. I don’t know which drink I loved the most, the sweet orange concoction he made for me or the lychee number is he made for my husband. Both were so good that we ordered two…one to drink and the other to take photos of and then drink. lol.

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We ordered a bunch of different appetizers because we couldn’t figure out what we wanted to eat and everything in the menu looked amazing. We tried the haidacore ceviche (my personal favorite), broccoli tempura, sweet and spicy cauliflower and the rock shrimp tempura.  Well we actually ordered more than this but this is all I remember…and that everything we ate was so good. Now because I wanted to take a picture of all my food, I requested the staff to serve us everything at once so I could play around to get the perfect photo. Best part, I actually got what I needed super fast that we could enjoy our meal with it being still pipping hot (a first!).



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