I am no shrinking violet when it comes to coloring my hair. Let me tell you about my hair journey.  As a bonus, make it all the way to the end for a big surprise. I remember the first time I colored my hair, I was a teenager and was curious about highlighting my hair. I started out safe with copper steaks and before long, those streaks slowly changed to red . It wasn’t long after that I noticed some of my favorite celebs going ombre, more specifically balayage ombre.

The first time I went ombre, I went blonde! I know, it’s crazy but it was perfect because it was summer and I was attending four musical festivals back to back. After festival season was over, I switched up the ombre for a warm caramel color and stayed with it for almost two years. After all the abuse and extreme color treatments I put through my hair,  I was blessed that my locks looked and felt healthy. I never had a problem with my color going brassy or dealing with frizzy hair – ever!

After being tame with a caramel balayge ombre for years, I wanted to try something extreme and edgy. I was fascinated with going grey, more specifically – grey balayage ombre. I mean it looked amazing on Rihanna (my inspiration for going grey)! Plus it was my fascination with taking this step in upgrading my hair game to changing my name from Smitten Sophie to The Grey Canvas.

Last month, Aveda Canada reached out to me to help make my dream come true. We talked about how the experts at Civello Salon were perfect in switching up my hair game to help me achieve a fresh new look. Let me warn you, going from dark brown hair to grey is not a simple task, but the end results are worth it!!!GA02

I started out my transition to grey with a fresh cut. I have been growing my hair the last year and a half because I didn’t know what to do with it, plus I found it easy to manage. So a big part of me was itching to get a new-do for a long time! I contemplated between shoulder length and mid-length. Thankfully the Creative Director at Civello, Dylan Sit helped me identify the perfect length for me.

Bye bye 4 inches of hair.  After that Dylan helped me add some layers because unknown to me, my hair is deceptively thick (I always thought my hair was thin, go figure).

After my initial cut to help prepare my hair for color that, I was brought upstairs to visit Civello‘s Grand Master Colorist Vanessa Bianchi. Vanessa has been in the hair industry for over 22 years and is a pro when it comes to getting your hair colored, especially when you are going for tricky shades like grey. They don’t call her Grand Master Colorist for nothing. She warned me that the process was going to be long (as in spend the whole day at the salon to get the right color) but that wasn’t going to stop me because I knew my hair was in the best of care in her hands.GA03

Before my appointment, I went over various grey ombre styles that I saved on my Pinterest board. It didn’t take long for Vanessa to identify that going for a silver grey ombre with a light lavender/blue undertone would look perfect on me. Plus the color would slowly fade to a lilac grey tone in time, making it perfect for winter.GA04

We started with bleaching my hair to achieve the lightest shade of blonde that my hair could handle, and for the toner to pick up the intended color. Because my hair is dark and I had a caramel ombre, my hair required two processes of bleaching.

Next she added a light lilac toner to help counteract the blonde, followed shortly after by a cocktail of grey and lilac dye to help get me the perfect shade of grey!

The overall result is that I feel like a completely different person with my new hair. I feel like my hair was the missing piece to help complete my style. I want to say a huge thank you to Vanessa and Civello Salon for helping me upgrade my hair and achieve my new look.

If you live in the Toronto area (or visiting), stop by the Civello Salon & Spa and let their experts uncover the perfect you that’s hiding under those layers. Get 25% off using by using the code GREYCANVAS25 on any service from their Salon & Spa.



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