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This post is sponsored by buybuy BABY, an amazing store that helped me transition the twins nursery into a fun-loving space.

The twins have officially become toddlers, and that means one thing. Time to transition their nursery into a room for them that’s fun and perfect for endless playing.

Ever since my daughter climbed out of her crib one morning, I’ve been eagerly pinning various toys and furniture pieces I would like to add to their nursery on Pinterest. I thought putting together their nursery was way too much fun, but upgrading their room was even better because they took an active role in picking what pieces they wanted! There are so many elements involved that it can be somewhat daunting, but with buybuy BABY, the whole process was a breeze! Registering with them, I took advantage of their in-store registry consultant, referral rewards (such a huge lifesaver because having twins is costly!), price match promise, completion discount, and registry announcement cards! They also offer decorating service and if you have been following me on stories, you know the twins have been giddy with excitement with each package we’ve gotten from buybuy BABY. From the perfect table set and picnic basket for Reyha to a collection of books that Zayn can read to Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and his new favorite stuffed elephant.

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The vision I had for how this space would look doesn’t compare to reality. It’s even better when you see them spending countless hours in their favorite area! To help achieve this transition, I partnered up with buybuy BABY. They provided us with: the table + chair set, picnic basket that’s perfect for Reyha and ‘Teddy’, a collection of books for Zayn to read and a crowd of stuffed animals to play as Zayn’s captivating audience

That’s not all!

If you recall some time ago, I talked about how Reyha didn’t have a foot-to-floor car and the poor girl would wait patiently for her brother to leave his? Or sometimes she would resort to sitting on her cutie puppy stroller as a car (don’t ask!) Well not anymore! Now Reyha has her own car from buybuy BABY, and in the last couple of days, she’s been having a blast racing down the foyer and hallway with Zayn. And sometimes, when Reyha’s not driving it, Zayn will sneak in a ride on her Step 2 Turbo Coup Foot-to-Floor Ride on.
Step 2 Car
That’s not all, Reyha and Zayn have an actual picnic basket they can use to eat with featuring Mickey & Minnie. I know when the weather gets warmer, I can’t wait for them to have all their lunches in the backyard. It will be the perfect setting for them to eat all on their own and maybe share a few bites with their favorite stuffed animal. And if the grass is wet, it’s okay! I can take their table and chair set outside.
picnic time, picnic basket for kids, disney picnic basket

Out of all the items we had delivered from buybuy BABY, you can tell that I am in love with the table and chair set. The twins have spent countless hours sitting on those chairs coloring their favorite books, playing LEGOS on it, or my favorite – watching them pretend to eat with each other or their stuffed animals. Zayn is love with the books, especially The Hungry Little Caterpillar (his absolute favorite!) Reyha is in love with her car! She finally has a car and the look on her face when she races down the hallway – priceless!

buybuy Baby, Decorate the Nursery

Wait, change of mind! I think Zayn loves this chest the most because whenever it’s clean up time; he loves to shove everything in there! Literally! Like me, he loves to see the space looking clean and the baskets we used to have in the room bothered us a great deal because no matter how neat the items were placed inside – it always gave the illusion of a mess. Now, their space will always look clean because everything is tucked in!

Dad loves the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Save the Day Fire Station! No jokes! Reyha loves to run around the house with the fire truck and letting it loose on the tower to see it go around in circles. Dad loves to watch it go down the ramp while Zayn cheers on to see it knock down the fire tags.


Table + Chair Set
LeapFrog Shapes & Sharing Picnic Basket in Pink
Picnic Time Mickey & Minnie Mouse Champion Picnic Basket
Disney Winnie the Pooh Plush
Disney Piglet Plush
The Very Hungry Little Caterpillar Sensory Soft Book
Precious Moment Tuk Elephant Plush
Child Craft Traditional Storage
Taggies Buddy Dog’s Busy Day Soft Book
Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest Soft Book
Step 2 Turbo Coup Foot to Floor Ride on in Red
VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Save the Day Fire Station


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