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Hello Loves!

Many of you know I use a great number of Aveeno products for my family. In fact, our sunscreens and body washes are all by Aveeno. This brand has helped protect my skin for over two decades and I am convinced it’s because of the use of colloidal oatmeal and prebiotic oat.

Oh, I probably should tell you it’s also helped protect my son’s skin. He has extremely sensitive skin and we started using Aveeno when he was less than six months old.

That’s why I love this brand and always shop from them.

In the last couple of days, we transitioned quickly into fall. Too quick if you ask me. When the leaves start turning into beautiful gold and red hues, it’s when I usually swap my moisturizer and body wash to something that will help protect and restore my skin’s moisture barrier. By the way, yesterday, it was so cold that I ran back into the house to swap for a coat that would actually keep me warm.

This year my dry skin needed something that would heal and soften it. I needed something that would sooth it because during this time of the year, my skin becomes tight, itchy and inflamed. I need restorative skin therapy this season both in and out of the shower.

I swapped my regular daily moisturizing body wash (by Aveeno, of course) for the new Restorative Skin Therapy Soothing Body Wash by Aveeno. This gentle body wash has oat, aloe, and provitamin B5 – a natural anti-inflammatory commonly used to treat discomfort brought by skin conditions. After two showers, I noticed my skin felt nourished all day long.

I swapped my regular daily moisturizing lotion (again by Aveeno) for the Restorative Skin Therapy Repairing Cream. This cream is light and enriched with prebiotic oat, aloe and provitamin B5. I also got the Itch Relief Balm for those trouble dry and minor irritated spots.

If you have used Aveeno before, you know they tend to use colloidal oat in many of their products. I think it’s their secret ingredient to help my skin feel soft, smooth, and healthy-looking throughout the day. For the Restorative Skin Therapy Line, they go a step further to ensure that the colloidal oat used is prebiotic. Prebiotic oat is known to be an effective antioxidant to help soothe and moisturize dry skin.

Using their Restorative Skin Therapy line, both and in and out of the shower, has been heaven for my sensitive, dry and irritated skin. These three products with ingredients oats, aloe and provitamin b5 have been helping to treat the discomfort my skin experiences during this time of year, heal my dry skin by softening the dead skin cells, moisturize my skin, and relieving minor skin irritations.


If you watch my stories at @TheGreyCanvas, you will notice me applying the Repairing Cream on myself, and you might find it in the background of my bathroom.

I know winter is just a few weeks away, and that usually means I will spend a great deal of time soaking in the tub trying to stay warm (and getting super dry and irritated skin as a result from it) and bundling up with itchy sweaters and long johns to stay warm. At least I know my skin will be in great hands thanks to Aveeno’s new Restorative Skin Therapy line.

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