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Last week I made a special trip to see LG’s latest launch in washer and dryer technology. It was the AI ThinQ® Front Load Washer & Dryer. After talking to their representative and asking extensive questions about what sets this front-loading washer & dryer apart from the rest, I had to ask ‘is it worth it?’

Whenever there is a new release in washer and dryer technology, you can’t tell if the latest models are worth the investment. What’s the new feature that makes this one, this very one, better than others?

Background: I personally am not a fan of laundry. I feel like I need a codex to translate the laundry label on my clothes. Frankly, it can be taxing on my brain to decipher how to wash my clothes because I never took into consideration how complicated it would be to wash them when I purchased them.

LG ThinQ, LG AI ThinkQ, LG AI, LG ThingQ AI Washer & Dryer, LG AI ThinQ Washer, LG AI ThinQ Dryer

I’m not the only one, a LG survey found that 34% of Canadians do not know how to read laundry labels to help take better care of their clothes and increase the longevity of their textiles? From that group, 2 out of 10 Canadians have had someone ruin their clothes by laundering them incorrectly.

I have personally destroyed hundreds of dollars in clothes because I used the incorrect amount of detergent, too much softener, or incorrect water temperature.

LG ThinQ, LG AI ThinkQ, LG AI, LG ThingQ AI Washer & Dryer, LG AI ThinQ Washer, LG AI ThinQ Dryer

It makes sense why LG invested in creating the AI ThinQ® Front Load Washer & Dryer. This smart and innovative advancement is what we need to help provide effective yet gentle care to all our clothes in order to extend the life of our wardrobe. If you look inside the drum (where you dump your clothes), the design is a bit different. They have durable stainless steel lifters, all part of their innovative design to help move the laundry within the drum easily.

Now I bet you are wondering, how do you select the right wash setting when washing your clothes?

This machine makes it is easy peasy because its AI does all the hard work for you. You just place your clothes in the drum and select the cycle you want to use. LG’s AI Direct Drive™ motor senses the weight of your clothes and detects the softness of your fabric and from that, it selects the optimized washing pattern for each fabric based on deep-learning technology. It has over 11,000 pieces of load data to reference to figure the optimized wash pattern based on the weight and softness of your clothing. Genius right? It is when your machine does all the hard work and all you have to do is put dirty clothes in the drum. Oh and bonus – this will help make your favorite clothes last longer!

How does it do this? They have the ezDispense™ feature which takes the guesswork out of how much detergent and softener is needed. Each load is automatically analyzed and the correct amount of detergent and softener is introduced at the precise time during the wash cycle for improved results. The ezDispense™ can do up to 18 loads and this beauty can connect to your Amazon Alexa and Google Nest through LG’s ThinQ® mobile app so it can send you notifications when the laundry detergent is running low.

LG ThinQ, LG AI ThinkQ, LG AI, LG ThingQ AI Washer & Dryer, LG AI ThinQ Washer, LG AI ThinQ Dryer

That’s not all, you can use the LG ThinQ® app to do your laundry on the go. Select a cycle, start, or stop the wash and get a notification when it’s done all on your smartphone.

Brilliant, right?

I am already starting to fall in love with this washer & dryer, but is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!

We currently have our own washer & dryer set and ours is…okay. I have to look at the chart in my laundry room to decipher how to wash each item of clothing and boy does that take a long time. As you can tell, understanding garment labels and how to take care of different fabrics is not my strong suit. So if I can have a washer & dryer system that takes care of that for me such that my favourite tops, trousers, and dresses don’t end up in the bin – it’s A HUGE WIN. They also have ColdWash™ technology which helps penetrate deep into fabrics so you get cold water savings with warm water performance.


By the way, my little guy is the cutest helper in our family and he loves LG’s AI ThinQ® washer because he can dump his school clothes at the end of the day in the LG TWINWash(TM) Pedestal Washer. I love this because we can wash two loads at once and it’s incredibly helpful (not to mention it saves a great deal of $$ and water) when you need to wash a few items immediately without using the large drum.

All these things might not sound like a big deal, but they are. I’m not a laundry expert, I’m just a woman who spends far too much time doing laundry so when you add up all these features, it makes doing my day job easier and more manageable. All I have to do is throw in my clothes, let the AI technology help set the optimal wash pattern and this beauty takes all the guesswork out of how much softer and detergent it needs to do the job right.

If that doesn’t convince you, raise your hand if you want a machine that will give you clothes with less wrinkles. I for one want that, correction – NEED IT! LG has Wrinkle Care with Steam – basically, it introduced steam into the drum to penetrate your clothes, and voila – reduced wrinkles!

LG recently had a panel discussion with esteemed fashion and interior décor experts. They shared some great tips when it comes to increasing the longevity of all those beautiful pieces we have invested in and some trendy fast fashion items. The most important tip, and my favorite, don’t let that article of clothing sit in the closet, unworn. Some textiles need to be worn to keep it in shape.

The second tip, another favorite, don’t wash your clothing after one wear. Wear it over and over and over again and don’t place it in the laundry basket unless it’s dirty. Washing something before it’s actually dirty is not only bad for your clothes, it can also decrease the lifespan.

This post is sponsored by LG and this post, like all my posts, I’m sharing my honest opinion about why this is one upgrade we should all consider. Even if it’s the one task we don’t like to do – laundry.

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