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Culotte or Not

Le Chateau, Toronto Blogger, Chloe, Fidelity FidelityJacket03small FidelityJacket04smallClothes are a powerful tool! They tell a story of who you are and how people should see you. They can build your confidence and make you feel sexy, luxurious, elegant, sophisticated and so forth. Heels have the power to make me feel confident instantly by encouraging me to take each step with assurance and determination. This particular pair of heeled peep toe booties I scored from Le Chateau make me feel confident and sexy at the same time because of the mesh detail.FidelityJacket05small

I originally planned on wearing a pair of wool trousers but I was not a fan on how they hid my sexy heeled booties, so I swapped for a culotte instead. There is something very luxurious about culottes. I love the overall structure and architecture of it, giving it a polished and refined appearance. But one of my favorite things about culottes is how flexible it is when it comes to styling (stick around for the various ways I style this one pair of culotte).

To add an element of softness, I wore this gorgeous ivory lace edge camisole I scored for a steal during the holidays (You can grab a similar one for under $13!). This summer a lot of people embraced incorporating lingerie to their overall look. I pushed back until I found this perfect camisole I could incorporate to my modest style. To add an element of cool and make the whole look street chic, I threw on this denim jacket I got from Fidelity Denim.


Photography done by Stephen ThomasM
(visit his blog to get some great male inspiration)


  1. January 27, 2016 / 11:41 am

    These are some great booties, and I love the entire look! I have yet to try culottes because I admit, I’m a bit afraid of them…I don’t know how I would wear them, but this is some great inspiration!


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