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Hair Repair Therapy with MoroccanOil

Moroccan Oil Hair TherapyI have not changed my hair routine in the last ten years. But in the last couple weeks I noticed my hair has been dry, frizzy and damaged. You could say the extreme cold temperatures have made me pay close attention to my hair.  I realize that my constant need to color and chemically treat my hair has damaged it to a point of needing major therapy.MoroccanOilProducts03smallWhen it comes to my hair, I am the laziest person you will ever meet. I don’t have the time nor the patience to try various products and complex routines to get my hair back in shape. So if a short cut method comes my way to repair my hair, sign me up!

Having said that, I have learned that the ‘some’ extra measure you can take to protect and nourish your hair results in boosting the vitality and manageability of it. The little bit of care you give to it, the better it will look and feel.

Take for example all the harsh chemicals we use on our hair.  Washing it with products that contain sulfate, phosphate and paraben. All these chemicals spell trouble for your hair and scalp. If you take the time to find a product that can protect your hair without these harsh chemicals, the better your hair will look.MoroccanOilProducts04smallI have been using Moroccanoil Treatment for over two years, so when I was recently introduced to Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner I was curious to see how they would transform my hair.

Now I have been using their shampoo and conditioner for three weeks and the results have been dramatic. I noticed a huge change in the texture and strength of my hair.

I swapped my usual shampoo for the Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo. I found the shampoo gentle and loved how amazing it smelled! I gently massaged my scalp with my fingertips and felt the shampoo gently cleansing it and my hair, almost like a facial cleanser. I could feel it slowly loosening any build up that had accumulated on my scalp and at the same time moisturized it.

Oh did I mention that the shampoo smelled amazing! I could smell how it was infused with just the right amount of argan oil to help mend my hair and restore any dead-ends.
MoroccanOilProducts02smallAfter I washed off the shampoo from my hair and squeezed out all of the excess moisture, I reached for the  Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Conditioner. First thoughts, this conditioner is concentrated and perfect for anyone whose hair is seriously damaged and coarse!

I applied a small amount of the conditioner from mid-length of my hair to the tips and let it sit for 1-2min while I massaged my scalp. I found doing this helped gently condition my hair from root to tip and effectively untangled it.

After washing off the conditioner, I found my hair extremely hydrated without being weighed down. It reminded of how my hair felt right after I went to a salon for a keratin treatment. Best part, It only cost me 1-2minutes of my time to get the same results. MoroccanOilProducts05smallAfter I finished my shower, I would towel dry my hair and remove any excess moisture before I applied the Moroccanoil Frizz Control on my damp hair. I need to do this otherwise my hair literally becomes a massive giant fur-ball – not pretty! I apply this right before I start drying my hair with a hair dryer so I can have some level of control.

It’s no secret I use a flatiron. Because I religiously use the flatiron on my hair, I scouted a few websites to find which is the best one that a) lasts, b) doesn’t damage your hair, and c) won’t yank. I found this one which has the best reviews and came highly recommended by stylists as the only one they trust on their own hair and will use on their clients. If you are shopping for a new flatiron, trust me, you have to get this one. Yes it’s a bit $$ but it’s worth every single penny because it will be the last flatiron you will ever buy, plus you can use it to make softly tousled beach waves.

Back to using extreme heat on my hair, before I slip my hair between the ceramic plates of my flatiron I spray a light pump of Moroccanoil® Heat Styling Protection on the hair to help protect it from any hair damage and breakage that can be caused my exposing my hair to extreme heat. That one spray helps protect my hair by adding a protective shield against the heat while making sure my hair feels soft and looks glossy after every swipe.

After three weeks of using Moroccanoil, I am loving how my hair feels throughout the day. I also noticed that I love running my fingers through my hair because my hair feels healthy and soft – and the last time it felt this amazing was when I was in grade school before I started experimenting with hair colors.

If your hair feels coarse, dry and lifeless, you should try Moroccanoil and give their Repair line a whirl. You’ll notice a change in your hair and will never go back to your old shampoo and conditioner.

Photography done by myself and Janine Co


  1. February 18, 2016 / 10:32 am

    I’m also super lazy with my hair. It’s partly though because I can’t be bothered to do my hair in the morning. It’s the “only’ time I can do my hair because I like to have washed my hair already that day and have it dry completely (usually air but can be blow dried) before I style it…and I love my sleep too much. Doing my hair the night before or even washing it the night before isn’t the same when I style my hair in the morning. It feels so gross.

    I”ve always loved the design of those bottles but have never used the products. Glad it’s worked for you. I did not know you religiously flat iron your hair. Just thought it was naturally straight hehe.


    • February 19, 2016 / 10:45 am

      I hear you about sleeping. I need my beauty sleep uninterrupted so I can get my 5 hours of REM cycle uninterrupted to function normally. Moroccanoil has been amazing that I can wash my hair the night before and style it in the morning without feeling like it’s weighed down.
      As for flat ironing, I wish my hair was super straight. It used to be very wavy until I started chemically straightening it to tame it. Now that we all know that chemically straightening is bad for your hair, I survive on my flatiron to get the desired results. xo

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