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Zara Styling Trick

Zara Styling TrickI am the kind of girl that loves to spend a great deal of time outdoors. When I lived on the West Coast, I would spend the majority of my free time hiking and exploring hidden trails and routes. On the east coat, you will find me lost in my city’s urban landscape. I will hop from one cafe to the next, get lost in alleyways and talk to random strangers to find hidden gems in the six.Zara Styling TrickWith the weather finally on the plus side, today is a great day for me to share my favorite mules I nabbed as Le Chateau’s Shoe Ambassador for 2016. I saw these mules and knew they were a must have in my closet. I absolutely love the overall structure of these heels and the open toe makes them perfect to wear as the weather starts to warm up. I know I can style practically anything with these mules, but today I went for my usual casual look with a hint of elegance thanks to my long black coat.Zara Styling TrickI bet you are wondering what’s with the blog title? What is the Zara styling trick?

Ever since I moved to the east coast, I started letting my shirt or sweater sneak out of the cuffs of my coat. Not because it was trendy but rather I needed the extra bit of material to help keep my wrists warm. I always forget to grab a pair of gloves before I head out, so you will constantly see me pulling at the cuffs of my shirt as much as I can to keep my wrists warm. Zara recently have been styling their models with this same technique, hence the title 🙂Zara Styling TrickI wore my favorite wool coat that is an essential for anyone who wants to start constructing a stylish wardrobe. This is one coat that will stand the test of time because of the structure, quality in material and overall fit. It will help elevate any look you incorporate it with, even a pair of distressed denim. The collar on this coat is perfect.  I can curl it up to protect my neck from the elements and the material is lightweight. Plus, I am a sucker for wool coats that feel and look luxurious!


BlackCoat05smallDenim: JBrand (similar for ONLY $54!)
Coat: Kristen Blake  currently 50% off (similar for $125 on sale)
Top: Chambray (similar)
Shoes: Le Chateau
Glasses: Tom Ford – sold out (similar)
Earrings: Dior (similar of the same quality)
Bangles: The Peach Box

Photography by Janine Co

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